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Lar^^lgeal Stenosis. By Cyril Horsford, F.Pi.C.S. ... ... ... 157

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system ; but, by the employment of sulphur and alkaline baths, the skin is freed

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and the shoulders projecting. The muscular system is soft and

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to bring the edges together. Mettauer recommended metallic

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gina, attended with a mucous discharge, which is occasional-

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with whom I discussed the matter, to $25,000 ; that means truly, as you say, revenue ; but

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electricity in dispensary practice spoken of by Dr. Starr might

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metals, the manufacture of certain chemicals, and for render-

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static barrier. In some cases we may find on rectal

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mass of scar-tissue, and the bulbar vessels slightly injected ;

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not only aborted these attacks, but prevented the subsequent

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a series of 400 cases of excision of the knee, carried out in von Bruns'

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If the cases of bronchitis are classified according

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ensure that the person who is not in a position to profit by the

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this patient is now a married man about twenty-five years of

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putated the leg at its upper third, finding the arteries athe-

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fixation is sufficient for eosin-hematoxylin and eosin-methylene-blue

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and Modes of Introduction of Exotic Diseases into America, 1894.

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replaced just as in the example above quoted of the

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tinuation. Therefore, after extended therapy, avoid abmpt discontinuation and taper dosage.

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tality from small pox is terrific. A modern writer (Mackintosh)

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tissues, began to rapidly increase, but abated with equal quickness under the

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was made. The tumour, an ivory exostosis, was removed, and the patient recov-

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examine the urine in every case before operating is an imperative

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That they have received from the Secretary, the following :

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pose as that given on the trial, by the same person.

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Reiiiint. — Oanpai'i'iiii (E.I Ottalniiii nielastatii a titica

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Diagnosis. — The renal symptoms alone have little diagnostic value.

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Speaking of obsessive-compulsives, did you ever have such

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best artificial food was tiie pure cow's milk. Sterilization

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ity when it alone senses motion. These deaf-mutes were all highly

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The experiments of Parker and Burnett 2 also demon-

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able limits of infiltration. In carcinoma of the tongue

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child. Not a drop of blood oozed from the parts, and he Avas well

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ated, and was patulous. Microscopic examination showed its wall to be

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.<5ystem of Skoda, with the value of Avhich he appears