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general health gradually gives way pain generally dull and radiating along
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A great deal of the trouble northwest of Boston has been due to
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terial walls. The question is then whether these pro
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akathisia dyskinesia parkinsonism usually controlled by
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There was a circular hemorrhagic area involving the muscles just
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Does this mean that no clinical iroblem exists. The
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be free from tuberculosis but in Cow No. 1 I noticed a faint
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cles of lens material may be removed by irrigation.
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tion thus giving rise to much painful flatulence the secretions are also
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priCticaUy as cases of cholera. The diarrhoea is all the more dangerous
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the lower animals as records of the past clearly show. It is well
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foregoing symptoms with more or less intensity for some eight
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there is naturally more play furthermore all this is aggravate J
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Resolved That the Committee on Intelligence and Education be instructed
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Before concluding this valuable discourse Dr. Pearson drew some valuable
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amounting to slight paralysis. A sense of fatigue and nervous exhaustion
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without adequate nutrilites to sustain growth. Dur
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advanced by the writer appears the stronger one while the
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tary conditions under which milk is produced and handled. But
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probable however that the derangement of the vascular supply and of the
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take a special attention for their food which is in other words
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the microscope it must be hardened in order that the tissue be not
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distemper. Stimulating applications were ineffective and the lame
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tion and in three of these the opportunity was unusually good for
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stitution for the reform of medical practice outside
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iti he irt attacks elevated levels ol blood cholesterol
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course taken by nature. 4 Upward dislocation treat like fractured patella
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acteristic and confined to the white matter of the cerebrum. This
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the West for the remains of the primeval horse and agents of that
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very great is an example of an acute form of the disease the
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A recent poll of one of the most prosperous of the Western States
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to Kansas City and distributed in small bunches among farmers
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his hind legs he put his forepaws upon his enemy s shoulders and
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Muco PURULENT OPHTHALMIA Catarrhal Ophthalmia. Very com
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seen almost exclusively in lupus erythematosus Fig.
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Census Bureau are not regsprded as accurate but they indicate the
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sociation and an editoral that would make every veterinarian in Passaic
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we meet are sharp spiculee which result from the extremities of
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bilitation grant to the state dejtartment of educa
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blanch response to injection o acetyl choline jioly
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vital task of recognizing critical situations to de
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special senses. Close inquiry is often needed in order to elicit a history
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The tissue lesions in this case were neither extensive nor severe
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ease as influenza irregular strangles. The deuteropathic cases
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M. P has been used for over 40 years as topical sun
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tion is desirable. The writer has treated any number of this form
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was evident that something had to be done. On account of the
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The election of officers then took place and resulted as follows
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mouth disease in Danvers became contaminated it is very difficult
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favored Lakewood and others Jersey City but the majority of the ballots
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are primarily from England and Europe with the notable
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The text books veterinary authorities professional and lay
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in the great majority of cases by way of the respiratory tract. It
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have never adequately provided for. For a number of years
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advancement of his chosen vocation. In times of depression and
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of women. We must look upon the maternal cotyledon in this
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a wise precaution for they were not entirely free from fever ticks
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succession. A microscopic fecal examination showed infection