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over a series of years, and to attempt to correlate the changes
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umns. The first number starts off with Dr Carpenter's first
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mastoid cells. This train of events was demonstrated during the course of
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increasing doses of it, an extraordinary immunity from artificial infection
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The slight non-specific general immunity soon disappears, and with it the amount
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recovered from the disease, and may be found in the throat or clothing
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curic iodide (Hgl 2 , N.F. grade) and 34.9 gm (0.21
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to traverse the vagina and pass the vulva with the occiput pos-
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Pleomorphic organisms retrogress or progress to a higher or lower class, i.e. an
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the most powerful predisposing causes of smallpox no less than of typhus
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ture occurred on the evening of the seventh day, after which convalescence
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of the male, of the female ; marriage, the husband, the wife ;
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(7) Stain in Harris* hematoxylin, freshly filtered, 5 min-
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diploma is a valueless, unmeaning piece of paper (even sheepskin
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running glance at the various causes and phases of this trouble,
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any medicine, unless a little zinc ointment or some anodyne
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The first direct homoeopathic indication he gives for a remedy
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Since the determination of the organism in the effusion, it is perhaps better
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bonate C0 2 . About 0.2 percent of the plasma C0 2 is in
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native of India enjoys some resistance against typhoid fever. A disease
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c. Place in distilled water until the tissue sinks to the bottom