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tice of the Metropolitan. sylum District Board. The board unanimously

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reaching one of the fragments it is the other fragment

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Observation and Experiment in Phthisis. By Thomas J. Mays

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in following their arduous and hazardous vocations. From them we

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and young persons not arrived at that period or old persons who have

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devoid of the nerve nuclei or corpuscles which take such an im

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ultimately distributed. That there is something irritating the

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Russia up to the time of the Empire s overthrow had a

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formalin three times a day and the region oetween the toes

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Table VI Complications of Splenectomy for External Trauma

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magnum is partly opened as in the decompression operation of

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history of probable syphilis in. per cent. His results with the Was

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smoothed down the medullary callus disappears and gradually

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relaxations gradually move small granules along their sur

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character with the kind of infection and the length

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Rich nitrogenous foods particularly the red meats and game have

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at first. Little else is required than to keep the jomts

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can correct me by giving their total results. In other words

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directed the greatest good to the public health may result the greatest

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where after supper had been served two hours were pleasantly

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Medicine or Surgery or of ha Tng seired jireviously to IS

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the chest was aspirated and about three pints of clear

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should embrace tlie threefold object of a monument to Father

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great danger of the insidious development of sympathetic inflamma

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Various studies of related protozoa indicate that crescentic bodies

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administration of the hospital under him was a treasurer.

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at a sanatorium before tuberculin may be employed. The symbol

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Mention was made of midwives while the Jews were still

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governed by the urgency of the symptoms referable to

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and street cars in the city and to the Sand Hills afford

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custom of visiting at a certain hour every day the Umplum cloaca.

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Gulliver has found that their solutions antagonize the tendency

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Estimates of liver necroses are very conservative based on actual