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southern half, or new Serbia. The British have been
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Niirnb., 1856, vii, 10-22. — Oalezowski. Affection
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tice. A lawyer, aged about 30, had an attack of pleuritis, which confined
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infection; and (3) those in which the local lesion was slight or healed, and
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Russia and existing in France, with occasional reports
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regards the case as one of imperfect development of the Mullerian ducts, the left
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maid of one of my patients. Her employer asked me to look
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that in New York City and other large cities, three fourths of the
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human subject, as in animals, is dependent on the introduction into the ali-
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feel pain as he used to." Still a little pain about both eyes.
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the other unsubjugated varieties of the canine race. Be this,
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2. There may be a spontaneous evacuation of such collections, either
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plete destruction of tne articular cartilages of the carpal bones, is in the museum
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ded among other systemic derangements. The time required
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with those obtained by Baeyer and Villiger 1 on the oxidation of benzaldehyde.
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He had at this period a great reputation in Bologna and was made
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frurney would not allow the case to proceed against a prisoner, so soon as the
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Directors (to replace E. E. Camp, M.D. and James A. Davis,
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1. Children at the breast were affected to a much less degree than
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ance with the details of institutional nursing and in-
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shows that the intertubular connective tissue of Malpighi's pyramid is
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purposes, and subdivided by those who take a special interest in mortality
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weeks of their too short session. In all cases the vessels are injected, but the
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were described in 1 6 1 -i by Mercatus, physician to the Kings Philip II and III,
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it is legitimate to conclude that it is impossible for
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joint, and forms a sheath covering the lower ends of the ulna and radius
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with such abruptness that the mother can almost fix the day on
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Trunalftied by Dr. E, P. Fowler. Qolh; pages, 1S8; 1878.