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St. Louis Medical Society,. .72, 133, 162. 194. 212, 248, 265. 801

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the presence of muscular paralysis that the patient is predis-

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During the last twenty years many efforts have been made to find a specific

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named, they should be left to the favourable const-

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in return for what they say is extracted in taxes, we shall not have

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This experiment was continued with the remaining animal, pig L, which

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of Trendelenburg of section of the olecranon. He commented

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the second five years later. I find from the analysis of his urine

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being of the so-called " Continental" form, with " horseshoe" base,

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in the form of a paste. Steam the head and apply liniments and

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hope, though not able to be worthy of all that you have said

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reason that no channel exists by which the blood can make its

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in that city in March, 20th to 2 2d. The election of offi

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ful and agreeable conversation, should engage the waking hours,

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proprietary medicines that people are in the habit of

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were born asphyxiated, three moderately. There were

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increased force of the heart's action, and which is,

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centers and yet differed from those which he was considering.

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increases the peripheral resistance ; the systolic discharge is insufficiently

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Senior Resident in Otolaryngology, Medical College of Wis-

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general or local causes is a necessary predisposing factor. The subjects

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view that increase of neuroglia, with fatty and pigmentary degeneration of

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his linen, his bed) and contain great quantities of the poison, and can

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more limited and therefore more easily controlled process than

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severe dysentery and discoloration of skin and peeling. She cared for them

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times, as in Hamilton's case, the bone forms in the areolar

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the desired point. It is then practically an extra-peri-

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advantage is to be expected from long continued rest

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brain and organs of sense. One of the most usual cerebral affections

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Gruggen. On January 23rd, at Woodcroft, near Liverpool, Emma

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sclerosis, there was no impairment of the sensorium, and

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our own experience. We report in this series three cases, in which