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cution. The society of restaurateurs is, however, not yet

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sistent muscular effort caused an increase in the frequency

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belong in this situation: In a few well-authenticated

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discovered that this alarming condition was caused by

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may go to autopsy with advanced intestinal lesions in whom the symptoms

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who the man was who had teased him into a more than usually severe paroxysm

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milk — oil, sugar, caseine — require no oxygen for tiieir

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therefore, is not a reliable indication for further bleeding ; but the

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— Dr. J. H. Morgan, Wilmington, Del.— One morning I was hastily summoned to

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avec la poudre de Vienne; guerison < Bull. Soc. med. de la Suisse Rom.,

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nature, together with the presence of febrile disturbance, have given rise

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It is this that attracts leucocytes to an infected area.

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ary anatomist, nor fixed in vivid horror upon the canvas of the artist ; and the

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patients stand an anesthetic badly. Chloroform is probably the preferab^.e

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had been undertaken in the pre-antiseptic days, attended by a remarkably low

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NtuK'^otnica may be looked upon as a medicine of primary import-

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Surg. Jour., 1908, Vol. 158, p. 797) report- Case III.— Female; Mrs. M. W.; multi-

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any fixation operation, consists in an atrophy of the

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causes being excluded, may be considered as pathognomonic of dia-

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the articular surface of the tibia. The force landed upon the lower

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is indicated. ' The ultimate result will make the diagnosis. In at least

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ties for research ; and it gives me great pleasure thus publicly

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The afternoon discussion was devoted to the consideration

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sideration), and this method, introduced many years ago by Dr.

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knows of thirteen children who have been lost in two

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been less resort to opium, brandy, camphory and ammonia, than was

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tic diseases is suggested by the fact that its quali-

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upon a great number of the maladies to which the human system

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Report on Indigenous Medical Botany. — This report is also

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Number of patients examined. 3,947 (dispensarv numbers,

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feel the uterus above the pubes, but there was no evidence of inflamma-