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they give rise, in many cases, to diffuse rather than local symptoms, and by
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that unless it is possible to maintain a low range of
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head, which did not (as is usual in these cases) recede, previous to the appli-
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well-known alienists. One well marked case of melan-
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and a fecal fistula or so-called artificial anus results ; these diseases
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lantern slides he supported an opinion, much at variance
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not to include any extraneous texture — a bit of muscle, a vein,
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stimulated or slightly elated ; auother, of inactive and
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This movement of the healthy eye is called secondary deviation; and
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of the distinguished authors is a sufficient guarantee that the standard of
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all the alcohol ingested is eliminated as such, by the lungs, the skm, and the
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and food of improper or injurious kind. It was especially
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the growth is smooth and not eroded. The visceral pericardium was
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sion must be that the American publishers have quite fulfilled the
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the pharynx. Breidenbach* gives the quinia muriate in larger doses —
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In the papuUr stage : Prodromal rash of measles, erythema nodosum,
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an infant 3 months old. The scoliosis was convex toward the
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points in Professor Haughton's work. Thus he shows that there is
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point is particularly serviceable for distinguishng a dilated right heart
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dosage should be gradually increased at three- to seven-day intervals until optimal response I
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requisite attendance upon the sick soldiers were provided
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and pauper institutions would at death be turned over to the
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problems. Those with the poorest performance records
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holiday. Nature has established the fact that we have no spring in this
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blood. A greater quantity of soluble matters, there-
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remaining the sole source of communication between the
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with strong coffee. The patient then slept for twelve hours and awoke recovered, save
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Dr. AcLASD : I do not at all agree with Dr. Embleton that
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(4) Diseases due to organic or inorganic dust and heated atmos"
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di China ; the S. E. and the S. pass along the sea margin of Vesuvius, or cross
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T. JL., a Medical student, was attending occasionally at the
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be sufficiently great and its period of duration sufficiently prolonged, passes
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malignant, a fact clinically true, but not easy of explanation.
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