Seratonin Versus Bupropion

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of atmospheric air supposed to be present in the ap-
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ment. He also saw abscesses form in the skin in places where camphor
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Banti is inclined to regard what is now termed pseudoleuksemia as one stage
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hysUritrue, and by Dieulafoy as pathomimia. Cassirer, whose account
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not so elevated; subsequently it may b^ome remittent, intermittent, or dis-
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successful results. In introducing the catheter, we can tell much regarding
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dependent upon a secondary elTeet of the muscular nnivements have al-
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very strongly that he recognized arthritis deformans, which he discusses
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is certainly rare, even when renal insufficiency is extreme and urtemia at
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lead to hydronephrosis than a complete blocking of the urinary outflow.
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color was less intense and the pain ceased. When the foot was elevated the
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lin^iausen's cases. Juvenile and virile rickets sometimes follow trauma
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rents arisiiijr from tlie skin. I'.efore takin^r a record of the cardiac
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and later hy a hormone mechanism operatiuf.' on the liver cell, tlie iiu-reased
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one I recollect to have met with ; this I discovered
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symptom complex in such cases is, of course, impossible to determine with
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■I; pjiiii-reatie jnii-ei, intraeellular lijiases..
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inflammation usually starts from these as a centre; bacteria may penetrate
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has its place, and is particularly useful in cases of cancer of the prostate, in
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':..-tcd with llic .■haraci.risii,- emup ,.:' jf. aiiiin.. a.-i.;. uind, ||a.^ l.c \.-r\
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This difference he considers is due to a difference in the structure of the glands.
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saw fall, as they did, its victims, I look in vain for
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the exacerbation of the chronic and in any conditions producing sudden
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The srastrie .juice contains two iiu|>oi-tant digestive agencies: (1) the
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of the microscope, it seems to me scarcely possible
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there is present long-standing suppuration, tuberculosis, or inveterate syphilis.
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metabolism. A direct connection, however, between valvular disease of the
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urine, trauma, congestion, etc., and second, those that furnish the infection
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seen in amyloid disease, when the kidney fa not involved, e, g,, in cases of
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A. will diagnose Quincke's oedema in this attack, and Doctor B. simple
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ones most often affected, less often the elbows, the shoulders, and the small
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vast majority of instances secondary to various inflanmiations of the kidney
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of fibrous tissue traversing the gland varies in different cases, sometimes
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involved, a careful comparison will usually show points of difference as
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