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ball still remains in the left antrum, causing quite a perceptible pro-
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brou^jht into my ward, lie was deaf, stupid, with diniculty compre-
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in cultivating company and lively conversation. En-
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electrical current may be more extensive than in many cases of skin ab-
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and spontaneous vomitings, which began in the third month
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poisoning of men by the gelling of ardent spirits." —
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Pampiilkts RscErvRD. — Medical Communications with the Proceeilinp-s of the Seventieth Annual Con
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ments. Unlike the foetal adenoma this is not in the form of circum-
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A similar, but more putrid and extremely offensively smelling
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communication. General Burnside has left the Island of Roanoke
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the head and neck subsided, the violent eiforts of the respiratory
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lege is of the sp. gr. ■682.—Trantlato>'s Note.
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this neck the hair-follicle increases in size, and its largest diameter is at
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thread is always necessary for this suture, and in this case fine silk was, used. Ed.
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or altout the second let\ intercostal space near the sternum ; and
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like arterial blood, and of such a character as urine, may
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through a conducting medium, partly fluid and of a complex structure
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unrestrained by the stiiet, it naturally inclines to bend agreeably to
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known to us, and the interference which is offered by polarization of the
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present, the greatest advantage is derived from the steady use of
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assured m3'self of the correctness of my first measurement, by the
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was a shaded darkness without definite outline. The com-