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(xxi.) It has been generally supposed that the coagulation of the
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practices in excellent economic residential New Jersey area
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render our individual and collective diagnosis more certain,
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with 50 children who received streptomycin (1M and in-
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office prior to admission to the hospital. The success or
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sulted. (1) Those where one or more calculi of appreciable size
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markedly diminish it and to cut costs — for example, in
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under the care of Dr. Andrew, and remained there for two
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with the recommendation of the Reference Committee.
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of the Division of Youth and Family Services to be released to social
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proved by some of the preceding experiments ; and I have more
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ing paperwork, thus allowing claims staff to devote 90 per-
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though the figures are not strictly comparable, owing to line rebuilding,
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cular contractility are totally different ; they are found in
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be discovered without the aid of a microscope : these may be
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The apex beat was situated outside the nipple line about half
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studies to evaluate the oral examination and found that it
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received blood during diastole from the vena cava and pul-
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