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bowels, etc., some other medicine must be given for the new affection, on
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had assisted me in the out-door clinic of the Post-Graduate
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was subsequent to the appearance of pain and swelling in the perinasum,
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diabetes, unless the examination was made during the process of
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decomposition in the alimentary canal and absorption into
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the gallbladder was found retracted into and surrounded by
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is a direct consequence of irritation. In like manner many of
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plication of electricity in tliese cases, I found many
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out affecting the whole series." This law is well illustrated in
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rickety changes in the bones and muscular paresis is sure to be present.
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planches hers texte dont 3 en chromolithographie. Paris : G. Masson,
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stand that the toxic products of erysipelas might bring about such
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exudation in man. Certain writers have maintained that there is an
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treatment of fevers is partly dietetic, partly calm-
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these important nerves are out of the field in oesophagotomy.
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urologist or clinic, or in solo practice where need
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morning the patient's temperature may be normal or subnormal and
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supplemented by the phrase " devoted to the diseases of chil-
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•*Dear Sir: I was not aware until I received your letter of the 17th
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symptoms and course of this einiple form (which is, however, quite a
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treated by the plans above objected to ; they certainly have recovered
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face with a deep vermilion blush, which then changed rapidly
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man who reads about the spas will see that every one is indicated in
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malady ; each operation thoroughly unsuccessful, and not to
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Dr. Smith, in his note upon Epidemic Catarrh, says :
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three policemen, as the story is told in the daily papers, hound
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use the sum of .'{ilO,000 for the purpose of investi-