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healing of a wound of the chest, a musket ball was found im-
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for some time after the fever subsides, usually four
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in every case, whether alone in small lesions as an
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admission for twenty years antecedent being 180, while those
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plantation of testicular tissue in every case in which
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ferred. The u.^e of heat in the prevention of shock,
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societies of other nations are to be invited 'to join. Connecticut 11740 2071455
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cal societies will meet in New York during the com-
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There is reason to believe that we are at the begin-
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little reasonable doubt — then it follows that being a tissue dis-
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general and local diseases, two stages are observed, the nature of
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solidation in the absence of high fever, pain in the
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indolent congestion, in which mercury either does nothing, or
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averages or actually aggregates urines from various
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to look forward to in the functions medical hygiene
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chitis the evils of following any one system of treatment as ap-
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fectly obvious maladjustments, mostly lying in 'the
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able, and that tlie rays can be applied externally.
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under the tliird classification, and have treated suc-
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it was necessary that there should not be too great
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is severe it points to a carcinoma of the anus or to
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dium sized curette was passed into the lacrimal sac
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predisposition to obesity is favored by the great con-
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chaotic conception of therapeusis on the part of the
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then called typhus, but in all fevers. The scene de-
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It is a well established fact that nonspecific, pro-
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tion of the type is of value in indicating both the
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occurrence ; but, even should it happen, Mr. Key is not dis-
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giving psychogenic factors their proper etiological
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tioii and obstruction. Arrow points to congenital narrowing nf
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anterioqaxillary line. Incision of the ])leura should
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come close to the wall she was asked to put her hand
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yielded to orange juice and raw milk in a fortnight.
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ceased the Eustachian canal can be also rubbed from
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