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terminating in a soft cartilage that it may not injure the maternal

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mittee of Arrangements Ottawa Canada September 1 to 4 1903

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beetle in Australia that preys on a pest called the

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tinuance of the compulsory use of the toxin by the Dominion

simultaneous determination of loratadine and desloratadine

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I.esion is bilateral but asynimetrical and covered with white

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splenic and portal veins without any evidence of esophageal

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and I trust an improved highway which we hear so frequently

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It is a rare combination of instruction and entertainment

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composed of hvdrochlorate of morphia gr. ij nitrate of bismuth 3 vj and

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especially if the patient is pulseless and convulsions have occurred the

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tional desirability that accompanied an occlusion was the

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have a sufficient number of practitioners to warrant it each in

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in the halls of the State Legislature at Trenton last winter which resulted

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treated is considered life threatening and amenable only to penicillin.

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land Black and others demonstrated the following surgical operations

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use of the localized and circamscribed tenderness. Diagrwsis ami Treat

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afterwards becoming more marked and constant being worse in the morn

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material and this method of inoculation approaches in some degree

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man thus preventing transmission of contagious and parasitic dis

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group of men with obvious occlusive atherosclerotic

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on June 8th and from its tissues a second pig was inoculated

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ten of dispute but doubtless they differ in different cases. Dickinson has

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The period of incubation is quite short especially when con

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friends will be glad to learn of his convalescence.

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Solution available in single dose prescored glass am

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sum of 40 000. In this way tuberculin testing of herds would

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ease our earnest consideration Laws should be passed to restrict its

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temporary may accompany such a condition and we are at sea when

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mater for future advice if necessary and wished them to consider

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serious misfortune in the burning of his home instruments books

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ology Cornell University Medical College Associate Attend

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peculiarities of location of actinomycosis and in 80 per cent the

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urged on the members the necessity of studying the subject of breeding

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She was taken from there to Chelsea and in two or three weeks

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Below we give the record of two animals under test each

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