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eleventh hour, to secure the attendance of Drs. Simpson

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The German collective report gave a mortality from influenza pneu-

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detached itself after the second day with discharge of a thin

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attributable to exposure to cold, and, with this apparent causation, it is called

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free from ob^dous predisposition. Tobacco and drug habits are less

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of the patient, some of these bull* burst, and a straw-colored al-

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took possession of them. My records show that nearly all were

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racter of vomica, empyema, and of organic diseases ot the heart,

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to two years. The present physician superintendent. Dr.

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portant part in the causation of many diseases. The discovery by Bernard,

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of cats, dogs, horses, rabbits, or other animals ; the scent of the rose,

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BiTer, Cambridge and Maiden 1 each. From measles Pittsburgh

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apparent cause, especially on individual limbs, hypogastrium,

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southern half, or new Serbia. The British have been

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ippear to be particularly susceptible to the cause of the disease. As a

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not infrequently seen in the late stages of the disease, is thus explained

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incision ia consequence of the unfavorable conditions found. It

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reference to its relation to the entire genital tract. A large propor-

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The gelatin liqueliers pass into the great group of B.protens

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1851.] Webster, Provincial Insane Asylums in France. 443

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present season, from all quarters of the Union, has, we under-

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As the great majority of Dogras are Siva and Devi worshippers,

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to a labouring horse, and he goes comfortable and well

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bodies and blood-vessels were seen to b unusually loaded with blood. Many of the

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fact that in those countries it is customary to use a smaller amount or

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The house surgeon's note made immediately after delivery was :

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than others. The cuticle, or scarf skin, consists of very mi-

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his vaunted theory of chronic disease is the splendid result. All

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4. Infancy and childhood up to the end of the fourth

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from an early stage of softening in which a granular fluid exudation

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ing the statements and opinions found in the majority of