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the fever came to a favourable crisis the individuals suffered

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poison. The latter, which he regards as the more important, have been

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horizontal fine, so as to strike the right or opposite half, critically

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sputum loses much of its density. It is of little value in the acute

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the appearance of the eruption. The frequency of the pulse and increased

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cation of Rouge's infralabial operation. But displacement of the external

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afterward von Rossberg, he gathered together over seven hundred

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stances definite tuberculous changes may be noted in nine or ten days.

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gravitation of fluid bodies, [etc.]. <SeeHale (<SiV

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and for a weak heart, Digitalis, Caffeine, Strychnine and Stro-

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■convalescence from a severe remittent fever, which had been

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spasms beginning in the left thumb and forefinger, and frequently

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an excessive accumulation of fluid and affords the basis for further treatment.

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the glottis is circular, the apex of the anterior attachment of the true

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Cut number two represents a complete laceration with rectocele, cystocele and urethrocele, .

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in question, as it appeared in the principal Medical Journals.

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pleton & Co., 1884. 4to, pp. 89-vi-iv, 37 plates. [Price,

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certain medicines. Such orders are written in Latin, this language

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we obtain the necessary information to enable a diagnosis to be made.

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mitted to the Hospital on the 6th of May. She was pregnant

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preferable, by a transplantation operation. Otherwise a Thiersch's

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have arrived ill of fright, from villages where, perhaps,

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malarial disease. The duration of the paroxysm is variable ; it may last

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ination which he has found best is as follows: The clothing

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The eruption of spinal meningitis, is petechial from the first, i. e., is

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42 \Y. P. Larson, W. F. Cantwell, and T. B. Hartzell

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