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mid fibres. Between the tegmentum and the pons, there is a system of nerve-

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We are sick of all this hole and corner work in Lin-

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nose der Tuben- und Peritoiieal-Tuliei kiilose. Verhandl.

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[periment confirms these observations. Here we have the same

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It is, of course, self-evident that if these internuncial fibres are

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ing from all portions of the wound. It had been, however,

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Rev., Lincoln, Neb., 1897, ii, 65. — Bnckner (J. H. )

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no desire to do the author injustice, but we dwell on

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dents in the lecture-room, came to me with added emphasis as

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Occasionally the palate is similarly affected ; very

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power of potash in croup, is established ;* but along with it

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is to be treated with demulcents and alkaline carbonates in

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Cholera Nostras— Cholera nostras, or cholera morbus, is an intense

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lions of its component parts or by the addition of preservatives)

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network of the younger erythroblast. It is of interest to note that not

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using the cocaine, the irritability had so far disappeared that

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effect. There is, how^ever, no difficulty in obtaining them from San

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ficient both in quantity and quality, and is the one blot

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abnormal deposits. In two cases, which lasted thirty-four and thirty-six days

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and more particularly in the kingdom of Naples, wfeere the physician designated it by

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possible help to the living that the dead body can provide?

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Contraindications: Renal diseases, and patient's sensitive to the drug. In

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disease affecting the liml)s there is generally hemi-

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upon a great number of the maladies to which the human system

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leaves, strain it, and evaporate it by a gentle heat till consider-

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a failure, for the reason that it makes vice easy and is, therefore, morally

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3.2^. This progressive derangement in the equilibrium of the post-

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newspapers abounded in comments on adverse weather and the train of ailments