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life satisfactorily elsewhere ; and I trust that she will consent to enter my

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strapping of the chest. The fixation induced is of immense relief. External

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haustion of a nerve cell, including the alterations

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The Time Required by the Blood for making one complete Circuit

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case. The writer does not suppose that many people in this country

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teria Medica, Theory and Practice, Obstetrics, and Medical Juris-

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fected in making vaginal examinations, and conversely, women are

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> Oassaver, a wild medicine man or priest, of Switserland, treated

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dogmatize. He also had an attack of acute mania, during which

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almost closing up the rectum, and yet I could not feel

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then not unfrequently become ruptured. I have amputated the thigh

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ed continuance of an after-treatment, to be carried on by the patient himself

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tion of venesection is more v.-atery and of lower specific gravity

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reduced, however, within comparatively easy limits when those

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• Superior benefits including 40 IK, Bonus Incentive Pro-

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and of abductor and abductors of femora ; the feet show

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and the retina proper is infiltrated with aggregations of pigment granules, thence

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On the first of October, nineteen hundred and nine, after our sun-.nier vacation, we were once more gath-

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demonstrated the phthisical character of the disease. Subsequently the

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In that form of dyspepsia accompanied by that peculiar debility,

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error in calculated food values. Therefore, whenever possible, we

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St. Mungo's College,* and particulars may be obtained from

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One of Mobile's most interesting architectural edifices is the old Gulf, Mobile, and Ohio

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Cases of meat poisoning vary greatly in intensity and also in their

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system are produced without, in any perceptible degree,

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Second Class Certificate of First or Second Division, Algebra, Geometry,

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ed antiforminized lepromas as antigen. The results with such extracts

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of the Madras Presidency by his late order • No ! Justice,

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the nerve, each from the juxtaposition of two bipolar molecules. De La Rive considers that

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ing that vibrations of the air excite corresponding vibrations of the membrana

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on reducing the price at which the Weekly and Quarterly

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of the individual, and persisted in throughout long periods of time.