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with little prospect of a revival. The fact that the

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altitudes are due to the lack of oxygen resulting from the lowered

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places, elastic fibres and bundles of involuntary muscle. They show

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The pain subsided considerably, although the swelling

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to extract some of the illustrations from Shakespeare's plays

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birds were examined at autopsy for coccidia with negative results.

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died — some died about puberty, others at man, or woman-

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in rare cases it may persist. The oystdlic shock remains. This

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of pleasure which complete the sexual act, a continuation of the species

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the spleen, and the liver also, were found to contain iniimte tubercles.

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Excision of the Elbow.— Dr. Charles McBurnbt presented

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Experimental evidence, then, has proved that the suprarenal capsules

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8. Grady GF, Keusch GT: Pathogenesis of bacterial diarrheas. N

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frequently lay the foundation for incurable disease,

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