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before the patient had taken any nourishment — showed on microscoj^c

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pointed a Trustee of the Harrisburg State Insane Hospital,

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the primary beneficial influence of one or two pints was so surpris-

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according to Dr. Eustace Smith, in the stomach. And as the irritation of

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to the notice of the profession a view of the inter-

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like hay-fever patients, and ten per cent, for less nervous

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ture and luminosity are chiefly due to the conversion of elec-

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ture. With a probe I readily detected a stone about four inches from

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acidity or alkalinity without any variation in reaction. This explains the

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a narrow-bladed scalpel, and makes an incision into the raphe of the perineum,

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out. The complexion of the tumor also assumed a darker ap-

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of life. It has, he adds, long been known that the mammary

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dilatation where the duodenum is constricted through traction of an

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the causation of amphoric resonance on percussion, and amphoric respira-

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tion, mercury, bark, potash, counter-irritants, or even ammonia

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between 190° and '200° C, by dissolving in fat and saponi-

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does not present evidences of inflammation, or, if it does,

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small yellow and yellowish-white masses, quite dis-

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how'ever, the hernia had come down and he could not reduce it. No pain

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state of excessive tension, while the entire periarticular

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ter will stop we cannot foretel ; but from all we can learn, it is more than

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on the one side was " the plague of his Ufe." The result of

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ing — Importance of thoroughly examining Wounded Feet and of

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on the part of many muscles, large and small, the strain is not great ; but

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may be termed secondary or post-rheumatic. It is to be presumed

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are not diagnostic. It may take months to undergo liquefaction

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een years ago, an Englishman determined to keep the Sabbath holy as to them, with the result, as

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to a great extent, and, as is usual with this affec-

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69. The Alpha-tocopherol, Beta-carotene Therapy Cancer Prevention

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practically be desired, and by elevating the foot of the bed by three or four

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has been explained by Laskiewitsch and Lomikowski as due to

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