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and interstitial tissue takes place. The blood being su-

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Anus. — Dr. L. H. Petit has recently written an elab-

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a few moments. In other rare cases consciousness may persist, although the

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is the alkaloid from Euphorbia Drummondii, and is an al-

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chronics who are being daily turned away from the regular doctor's office

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tinuous give and take, joint search and joint discovery.

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milligr. During the first eighteen days of treatment

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Zoe may signify in Od. 14.96 where Eumaeus speaks of it as

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went hungry from his door, nor the rich to despise the parsimony

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to be i02°F., afternoon 104 to io6°F. The kidneys and

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degeneration, with excentricity of the nuclei, swelling of the cell body, and with

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keeps up, and if, moreover, the color of the eruption

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her abdomen commenced to swell ; she was tapped, and 190 oz. of fluid removed.

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The urinary bladder is shrunken to half its size or less. The

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application of even weak galvanic or faradic currents is seldom well borne.

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The drawing is made from a hanging drop of a broth culture which had been

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all improbable that the tendency the blood has to coagulate is

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eases shows cicatrices, resulting from the wounds of this organ, which

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persistent efforts separated the cyst wall from its parietal and omental

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exactly where the previous one had existed. He at this time (July 31st, 1857)

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indicates that this regular arrangement is more or less lost,

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small focal lesions in the heart, muscle or viscera explains many

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contracted the fever affcer being for two or three days under

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the dyspnoea. The laryn.x and the upper part of the tra-

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Plasmodium. But in other individuals upon whom Eoss repeated

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* Valedictorj- Address to the graduating Medical Class of Harvard University, March 11th. 1863. By Henry

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before us. As a matter of fact, it is known to me that

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eye, out of every 100 eyes certainly 85 have obtained useful vision,

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peritonfeum was fairly reached, the wound permitted a con-

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mode of treatment is that it relieves the patient of much discomfort and

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supra-spinous fossa not as well marked as anteriorly.

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by the compressing force of the forceps ; and oftentimes,

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Ethical Issues in the Treatment of Sexual Dysfunction in HIV-Seropositive Patients

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