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The adipose substance of the omentum was generallj' absorb-

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Yellow fever, Remittent, Intermittent and Congestive paroxysmal fevers, oeeasioned

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much of the rigidity is only muscular. But I must add

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irregularities, incontinence, and urinary retention

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is, an interstitial inflanunation of the cornea, marked by increasing

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times happens in bread, it causes dry gangrene of the extremities,

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been a corresponding oneness of feeling. Two gentlemen, at

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Dr. Bishop's pai>er on "Rheumatism'* was read by the secretary'.

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able stridor perceptible without the stethoscope; nothing

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the term, sanitary science, has acquired great prominence

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prepared for converting the food into a nutrient material, render them less efficient,

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f. rxviii. Mix and flavor to please the taste of the patient.

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bitters, cundurango, and mineral waters. The acid and

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ilis.— P. Linser's ' patient complained of headache and dizziness

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To increase the per cent, of total solids, shorten the nursing

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are indeed most fortunate in having Dr. Long as our leader. He has,

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calls to kee]) myself informed as to her condition.

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very fully described by Mackenzie (Glasgow Med. Jour., November,

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homogeneous-looking rounded fibres, isolated from tiieir neighbours, were

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the lid, and retain it permanently in this malposition. I only

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sciousness and generalized convulsions beginning in the legs;

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Dr. Harry M. Sherman, of San Francisco, on his return from

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quite tender and thick ; then add boiling water sufficient to reduce to the consistency of gruel

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gave the iodine reaction and the i>resence of pus was shown.

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-----------~---i-------i---------^-^--^i;-_.-___„__^^_^^l^^ 11_;_ : -, ".

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for the inch and quarter-inch objectives. Fig. 2 shows it as