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Connecticut dealing with Part A of Medicare. CPRO will

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clinical and postmortem findings in croupous pneumonia in the

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An Inter.n.atio.nal System of Electro-Therapeutics for

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sternocleidomastoid, in order to secure the posterior occipital artery, possibly the source

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lung had been perforated, and that blood had followed the wound

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Case 4. Fungus of the Inferior Extremity — Speedy death.

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assurances that if they comply in good faith they will not

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latter rarely occurs prior to the middle period of life. An embologji

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(1) due to streptococcal infection, and (2) due to tuberculosis,

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ity, diarrhea and enteritis and preventative diseases are the great

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discovery. The greatest discoveries have been rarely due to any

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tice of Medicine and the allied sciences, but above all must

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past year developed a tendency to serious disease of the lungs, leading

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A paper on " Obesity " was presented by J. H. Sherman,

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