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reluctance of the family to allow the passage of the esophageal
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orrhage with ease, but also with a view of facilitating the appli-
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with well-marked tonsillar and pharyngeal deposit and
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6. Some Dangers of the Hotwater Bottle as Applied to the New-born.
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In all this work, no matter how carefully done, an occasional
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indicating a different cause for the effusion. It will be observed that, in all
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the needle, may be recognized as copper, either by its colour or by the action
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most important exciting causes, which are found to be still
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soluble in rectified spirits, very soluble in ether, fixed oils and fats. It
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Ql'ACKERY DOES NOT DIE EASILY. Exposure of frauds perpetrated by quack and
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rected his proofs by drawing his pen more sweepingly across
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present in the same situation on repeated examination.
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murmurs, even in serious lesions. Similarly, the particular quality of a
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Edward the Seventh which is fi.xed for the end of June.
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from heart trouble ever since she was a school-girl.
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litis," the regular descriptions of which are founded on
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HiCKS, G. L., acting assistant surgeon, is assigned to duty with
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phoide dans les eaux des ^gonts. Conipt. 7eiid. Soc. de
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impossible to detect that he was ataxic ; he could go downstairs,
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muscles of articulation, and he appeared to understand
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rabbits we observed that even pregnancy could proceed normally
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in a late comnmnication in an English Journal, and republished in the
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True, they have some palatial operating rooms at the Roosevelt
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The fourth effect may be the pulpification, disorganization,
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a leading part in the regulation of the acid-base equi-
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pleurisy must be few and far between, especially as in certain of the
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present, and the spots, sores, tubercles, &c., rapidly disappeared
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The Medical gentlemen respectfully submitted that they were
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and nervous energy. This is the mission of the Dreyer apparatus, one
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This causes a progressive degeneration of the races living in regions
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morning and night for about four or five days, when the