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of morphia has been efficacious in preventing the recurrence of cramps."
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had passed mine once, but no stool since tlie attack. I
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probably enlist a certain amount of support for Mr. Walter
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painful and tender, ifi^ile there had supervened inflamma-
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manded. The constant galvanic current may be applied, the
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The Preface of Dioscorides' Materia Medica: Introduction, Translation, and Commentary
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in private cases, where the cosmetics are of importance.
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^ Definition.— An inHammation of the pharyngeal mut-osa thai pasxa
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degree than scarlet fever or diphtheria, spreads in the home to the
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pain in the tibia, which had annoyed her for years,
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well as the Social Science and Public Health associa-
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from the positive evidence of its benefit derived from the experience
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resting — others in active motion. Similar bacteria were present
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clotted, or takes the form of bronchial casts. The quantity is also variable,
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summed up as follows : The amaurosis is in by far the greatest number of cases
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hard as a marble, the pupil widely dilated, the lens
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prove useful, in cases of an inflammatory tendency, on the
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the Origin of Urinary Calculi. " By Mr James Barlow, - 307
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the diaphragm, however, are very differently affected, in this respect^
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And it IS in tliis aspect of gynecology that its greatest
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intents and purposes, a subcutaneous dissection. The advan-
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one of the children at an orphan asyhmi, born of leper
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scattered upon the surface of the urine. Under ordinary conditions such a
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produces a remarkable train of symptoms, in which, notwithstanding the
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ric. Under the latter circumstances, sedative remedies, saline laxa-
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those described by Dr. Lacerda, Dr. Freire, and Dr. Carmonay. Cocci re-
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due rather to laceration caused by the in- her relief, it would be far better for the
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festations and in the mode of spread of la grippe^ much
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From the same record we learn that, during the last cen-