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encountered in the insane (A. Fevre, Beigel, Morselli, O. Wyss), and

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venous injection, hypodermoclysis, enteroclysis, and

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salis, cerebral and spinal diseases, syphilis and skin diseases, diabetes mellitus,

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tack of intermittent fever. He contracted a diarrhœa at Aspinwall, one

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her years, was C5,yet in constitution she was at least ten

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the time of defecation the eggs contain but a single cell and no embryos,

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minimum of abrasion while yielding excellent evalua-

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of convulsive cough are in classical form, frequent and of

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above the pelvic brim, as established by bimanual palpation. 4. In cases in

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lishment of the collateral circulation. In this case the

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sequence of the special epidemic at La Salpetriere) ; in

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Bco d. Consult., Madrid, 1897, iv, 83-87. — Finlay (C.)

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humble servant, who has followed this question with a

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and this watered milk was sold in Point Pleasant. Mr.

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remission. Here it requires to be conjoined with the

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sixty cases of diphtheria treated during the past six months

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that maggots are much more quickly developed in pieces

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ence in gyntecological electro therapeutics as to allude to some

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give her a slight laxative on the evening before the opera-

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by or before December i, 1903, to become the property of the

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The bill provides $40 million for prevention and control

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cture of opium, Dr. Sharkey found the following appearances twelve hours

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and neck muscles, the vomiting, and the convulsions, but the simulation

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mations are respected and protected under all circumstances. If

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flatus ; but it requires tact not to make it too violent an operation.

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muscles of the 'cobaye,' oedema, inflammation, then necrosis

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crises of excitement and agitation. The > there, it is supposed, by a vessel from St.

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•Read before ihe Louisville Medico-Chirurgical Society, Septembei -"\ 1900 . For discussion see

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Street, Wilmington, Delaware 19801. Tel. (302) 428-2113.

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of forty-one clear days, bringing us to the last fit on the 14tli of Decem-

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'l"he author prefers to give the name of sustinent arteries and veins to the