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The question as to how Mr. Quain voted is a personal matter for him
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temperature of a place. Climates — division of. Not determined ex-
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of the brain. Subclass: Idiocy, congenital and acquired.
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Hill Gardens, Hyde Park, and the Rev. Oscar Tliorpe, M.A., vicar of
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and, as to listen to a Disraeli or Bright in the House of Commons, or to
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the efforts of such men as Rumsey, Stokes, Acland, Farr, Stewart,
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the third day he had the scarlet eruption on his skin. Meanwhile,
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time she heard her tormentors talking together, consulting as to which
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tion" that has been before the University for a number of years. The
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2 P.M. — Royal London Ophthalmic, 11 a.m. — Royal Free, 2 P.M.
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not go to Mr. GiSschen on the question of registration of disease and
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Gentlemen intending to read papers, or be present at the meeting,
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of summaries only for use at the central office. But then I would call
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ceiving and treating the sick and wounded in battle have been altered
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this even if there seemed room for the child to pass ; and, even in cases
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fields. He passed flatus /tv aniiiii occasionally — about once a week.
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gr. iv. To be well mixed, and divided into twelve pills. One of these
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Dr. Deville (Harrogate) writes : — " In the Journal of August i :5th, I find in the
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pain at the epigastric region. He seemed to be suffering so much, that
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good hint as to the way in which the promoters of speculative actions
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friends : I now do so witli all esteem and afi"ection ; but they are gone
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cephalic rather than of spinal origin. For my own part, I am disposed
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sucking at a breast which yielded nothing, and not of its swallowing a
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ciple found no place in the Bill, while another of equal importance was
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could not honestly reject him — there would be absolutely no excuse for
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culturist, by taking advantage of inherited influences and of the actions
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two forms of degeneration was tolerably well defined. When examined
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Midland; VI. The West Midland ; and X. The Northern Counties.
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been faitlifuUy discharged. Thirdly, it is creditable to the candidates
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students who pass the best Examination in the subjects appointed by
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the wire-ecraseur, using a rhachitic pelvis measuring about two inches
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England last year. Curiously enough, we have fuller information about
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given with advantage in some cases. He endorsed the opinion that for
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Another case, more like those Dr. AUbutt relates, is also now under
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each side of the foot. This arrangement makes the extension much
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Exceptionally, as a congenital error, some bundles of opaque nerve-
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combination of circumstances, and able to give origin to peculiar phe-