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Several instances of laceration and rupture of the windpipe are quoted by

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on the Public Health.— Dr. L. Bremer, of St. Louis, read a

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cies. To make an appointment, call the Center at Scottish Rite /

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thrax, and he has found that the bacilli injected degenerate

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wrong, I am perfectly willing to be set right." Dr. Hammond, how-

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upon the occipital ends. This rotatory action is easy to understand

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Fawcett, father of the late C. E. Fawcett, M.D., (q.v.), of Stewartville, and A. C.

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It will be noticed that over half of the nitrogen of this diet is

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Whereas in the cases just cited the apparent tumors

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relief or disappearance of ataxia, according she is perfectly well and at normal weight

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very slowly, and the disease may continue for years before death takes

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formed, and six liters of fluid withdrawn, but the weakness

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and other materials. No. 97059; ^■ov. 23, 1869. — Buke

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thousand immigrants can be housed. The disinfecting

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On the Use of Bandaging in relieving the Cramps in Cholera. By

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of a misapprehension. The reported cases were treated throughout the