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I also inserted a pair of lithotomy forceps and probed with them.

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familiar with the technique a very satisfying blend

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tison to express the proportions observed by the eye is as follows i.

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the large colon were slightly displaced but this probably

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frequent obstacle a small capsular opening or its occlusion by the en

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ployed in feeding pigs such as refuse from the kitchen potatoes not

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never at any time came so near completing a great work a work

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practised 1 That in which certain tissues are joined indepen

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population and which I think calls for greater co operative a

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images. Unhappiness surrounded his existence that drilled

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the nature of the military political and health en

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will cause abortion and that the success in mastering this disease

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pedigreed stock all through they should at least choose males of the best

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ciated by the ordinary tests are after taking food containing much

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the score of economy and while its consumers should be protected

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articular cartilage and probably more readily exfoliated the bones

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is performed by the radiologist. He alone is famil

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astronomy we were able to anticipate the departures

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function in 29 healthy adults before and after nephrectomy.

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dignity the goal of human existence and the corollary duties

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phicpie stage except in the d cmblce type where the

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icals. Most irritants and cellular poisons are unable

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test taken from the patient present or through symptoms

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of limbs including peripheral neuropathy activation of

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Immediately after the birth of a colt the Arabs tie its ears

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degrees hospital positions and any institutional or other

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and distress caused by the friction of the margin of the eyelid

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in a stove which he used in his room for heating purposes. His

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st to Ceylon and to that tract of country reaching from Madras

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Ijrmphatic glands are slightly swollen. The abdominal cavity

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tion he was compelled to keep her to herself. May 16 1902 I

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claim to have cured several cases of glanders by the employment of

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respect to the work done for the Pediatric Society. Certified milk has

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teen pounds of pressed hay per horse per diem eight pounds of

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from Pennsylvania on this committee. Dr. Ridge moved that the subject

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other than those recommended under Indications. The drug

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was nineteen or twenty years old but I would advise all practi

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oosl efldcacious aperients in these cases are confection of senna or

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varying from 39.8 to 41 and in fifteen days the animal died.

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judicially crossing these with females possessing the same qualities good

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ent settings. Similarly the clinical histories some

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to. The castration wounds had healed. A diagnosis of tetanus

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we will discuss some of its generalities and perhaps some details.

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and mucous membranes normal rectum empty folding colon

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to the small stature universally observed among the

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tively plain chemical compound is at the same time a base and an

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men. Everything except medical and surgical ecjuipment.

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will be destroyed immediately following publication of

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The ten contributions of the Symposiutn on Renal Trans

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be looked for not in the bowels but in the mesentery glands and

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riculum hope that as a result of this exercise each

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aieana similar to those mentioned under acute bronchitis and similar pre

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