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immune human subjects who allowed themselves to be bitten by mos-

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most striking. The patient has a pale, drawn, anxious countenance,

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ized; for if only free acid is neutralized peptic digestion is prevented

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masses. Under the microscope the translucent portion is generally found

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physical signs, upon percussion and auscultation, after severe cough with

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coming fatal event is excited. It is usually about a fortnight after delivery,

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and would recommend that new pianos be purchased and that the old

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490-500.— Coiicaiioii (J. J.) Complete burial of a ring

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twin pregnancies and hydramnios, intermittent uterine contraction,

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ach is empty, provided no more food has been taken than there was a supply of

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chapters on scoliosis and Pott's disease are unusually well depicted, the illustra-

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it a duty, in a matter of such vital importance, to make the above remarks, with

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zoology to students. As a matter of course, the present small

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tween the seizures are very long or irregular in their occurrence. In

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light can be used all trouble of course is obviated.

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also the sebaceous glands between them may become involved. In this

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briform plate of the ethmoid bone into the brain, oc-

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patella, deprived of its cartilage, and undisturbed from its berth

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to "bastard tertian ague.' M Antonia Fraser's perceptive and well-

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tion of the hii)-joint in connection with typhoid fever. Tr.

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abortion or delivery at full term, vaginal drainage

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local action is only slightly irritant, and its effects are not ma-

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action as with the direct current. Each carbon maintains a

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any which certificate or bill of health such Captain of

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of these, dated " Adrianople, April 1, 0. S., 1718," runs

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paralysis follow in these cases of exudative pharyngitis.

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ical Jurisprudence in the Jefferson Medical College;

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men after the disappearance of the dropsy indicates the persistence of