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farming community there would be little or no sickness among stocky

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there is prevention or modification of the infection.

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been generally accepted since the Surgeon General s

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amounting to superstition. In fact public opinion looks for a higher

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during the last month. It is well known that this English regu

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in mosquito attraction is controversial. Wright and

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The diagnosis I think should be that of a complication of

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city officials of Cedar Rapids for their kind hospitality.

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American Heart Vssociation Monograph Number 23. Edited

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fore it is valid for the cells in the cerebral fraction.

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collected after either biliary or pancreatic stimula

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vision of Dermatology Department of Medicine University

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vertehrse. The destruction of tissue extended to the boue and

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of some assistance in warding off the disease when given to healthy

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accelerating effect on the progressive hearing loss

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make a pond at the bottom of the speculum underneath the cervix. With

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Hutchison s Clinical Methods 15th Edition. Edited by Donald

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Van Gieson s the double stain of hematoxylin and eosin the

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them to be ruptured about the lower third of the metacarpal bones

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succeeded in transferring tuberculosis from this case on guinea pigs

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ing the afternoon state atixiliary rejKtrts will be

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cases is symmetrical but in some the body line is quite irregular.

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also was hanging somewhat lower the other side pulling it down.

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county to register any person under this act except upon the presentation

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The base of Bismuth Formic Iodide is a compound of formalde

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until 1901. The experiments upon seven cows specially reported

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immune to Texas fever and when exposed to ticks succumbed to

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likewise been recently disinfected. The same precautions should b

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A two months old pup by careful observation learned the connec

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iplicates extensive emphysema considerable dropsy may follow

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risk of severe liver injury. Hepatic damage is especi

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in all three places but the owners of the cattle where the disease

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bacteriological specimens connected with the disease and in discuss

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st to Ceylon and to that tract of country reaching from Madras

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ancy. It usually appears in the form of cresccntic patches on the

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but will materially lessen the possibility of serious infectious or con

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tion..V mask is placed over the face and a transducer

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Coming down to a later date we find that in 1617 the disease

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the approval of the presiding judges there will be no appeal.

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left half of the transversus muscle was reduced to a tendinous

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utensils with destruction of all litter and manure cannot be too

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On March 18th I was called several miles in the country to

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that those not able to prove their claim could no longer find protection

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without and the other from within. In the small animals this latter

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endothelial others connective tissue cells and a great number of

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intelligent views as to the small number of cases in which we can

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cluding perforation and hemorrhage with a few fatalities having

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of the diagnosis in an apparently typical case of parturient paresis

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The Local Committee has met and organized forming seven

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weeks of age the fibrinogen level was repeated and was found

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demi de gel e with onze livres de charbon. This offer was refused

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pital for pre natal care were invited to participate.

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are usually so common in dogs in the District of Columbia in the

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Preventive medicine is as old as history. Its scientific founda

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tended by itching pain and constitutional disturbance. This condition

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hausted the chest no longer expands properly as in normal breathing

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experience with udder infusion firmly believes that udder

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