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after the treatment had been instituted he felt well, the muscle waves

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year. After the fourth year the danger rapidly diminishes. Broncho-

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At the annual meeting on January 1 (current), an attempt

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A poor Irishwoman,, age about 45, fruiterer, name unknown, admitted

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plicants for positions as pupils, from which number only

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kinds — lessened transparencies of the apices, enlarged bronchial

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have not heard of him since. The only tumour I^ had removed from the

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the pain in the right side of the abdomen, made me, at the time, regret

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chosen therefore with Very great judgment, and, if found unsuiable,

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atoms of hydrogen less and one atom of oxygen more. It

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and driven into the flesh. These particles of cloth were the only apparent cause of the

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daily, with iodoform gauze. On the eighth day after the

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obtained from tubercle bacilli contain the poisonous nuclein or its

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this critical position. The conservative tendency of cold abscesses to

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Three weeks later (October 13) : When patient reappeared the sur-

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symptoms will be usually present from compression of the left recurrent

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much that I have not insisted upon the necessary rest.

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writers, that the surgery of appendicitis is being car-

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instrument to employ, in applying these deep sutures, though doubt-

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techniques have been in the range of 7% to 15%, 44-47 with a

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For Sale. — A second-hand Harvard chair in perfect condition, has every

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Fertile hyphte are erected, bearing at their extremities short

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patients with the gleeful assistance of some enterprising and

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ounce or two of wine twace or thrice a day for brandy at frequent intervals.

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80 ; 12.55 ^'^'* respiration, 40 ; i p.m., semi-lethargic ;