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In alcoholic nervou»,xesis or hallucinations, Prof.

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other cases, if it were necessary, as I have never tried the remedy

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ple in appearance and an eruptive disease may be detected

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(6) that in the light of recent events we are justified in believing that

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ment. The best results from digitalis ('^^ Partial heart-block or increased a-c

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■ of Tetanus in the treatment of ;. hich subarachnoid injec-

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Case II. — Female, aged forty-eight years; for ten

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laryngitis giving rise to similar symptoms, and in such coses it

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the treatment of fractures of the leg and thigh were designed to over-

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much muscle in the posterior flap, and it may be necessary to cut some of

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dition of the eyes and brain. The objective symptoms

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tion, and bears the impress of being the composition

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Gause^ diagnosis, prognosis, autopsy — all such as are described under

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in diameter) small white cylindric plugs are expressed, and where these veins empty into

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have found in such muscles, for the most part, atrophy with fatty

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among the Arabs and Europeans the houses are invariably dry swept, in

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his daughter advantageously ; through Brown-Sequard's

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18 Kept in hospital seven days or move after complete recovery ; had no relapse.

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Fourth Annual Meeting, held in Neto York, September

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with the longest diameter of the air space (see p. 205); therefore we

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mation of this sort is not easily to be had from ordinarily procurable

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tion is the use of the adjective. Thus, for Ferri Sul-

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Poupart's ligament, and through a small opening in the sac,

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tacle glasses ; and subsequently arranged a small Gali-

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broken up into acetone and carbon dioxide and the reaction will no longer

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of Skene's glands. The presence of polypi or a condi-

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what is called a chronic form, and more or less bony growth is

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course of conversation tells you of a friend of his who is

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Sanitary Commission, and was made chairman of the com-

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Her husband and friends were strictly enjoined to do or say nothing tending