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improvement of the quality of health of all people

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that the Committee of Arrangements extend a special invitation to Dr.

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throat being particularly numerous. This animal was never

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examinations for the permanent records of your patients.

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In the intestine the water is absorbed as rapidly as it enters the

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pterygoid muscle which arises along the median ridge of the base oi

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Dr. Clinton moved to instruct the Secretary to send a registered com

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The results given in Table IV. show for all the bovine cultures

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decubitus. They were able to walk about in the evening but

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but the spleen appeared normal. The stomach and intestines

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sufficiency and albuminuria and exposure to cold winds and wet

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Frequently accompanied by iritis and posterior synechia. Bloodvessels

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expectoration is also very abundant and frothy at first in these cases and

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of the latter and the posterior and lateral portions of its gray matter.

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has omitted these possibilities from his scheme and

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