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Sticker calls attention to the fact that his observations upon this
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The regular monthly meeting of the Association was held at Dr. William
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species of experimental animals tested witli the possible exception
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degree of prominence there is a more or less efficient State Veter
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effective in ichthyosis w hen topically administered
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done As to the foot will an animal stand that amount of pressure
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also to force a change in the registration procedures
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any object he would snap at it but paid no attention if touched
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fection. Some are synthetic of fungal or bacterioph
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Precautions With a positive reaction consider further
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and eradication of contagious abortion in herds tested the value of various
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The committee respectfully calls this to the attention of the resi
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tendency. In 1880 the deaths from pneumonia for each 10 000 of
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was invariably present. In addition to this there were hemorrhages
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whose work is not often fully appreciated. Wheels are good
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irritation of the cardiac branches of the vagus or from reflex excitement
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Ordinary articles should not exceed 3 000 words ap
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to the exact pathology of this peculiar disease it is not very easy
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tial factor in Democratic politics in the Empire State. He was
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executed is certainly reliable and reduces the rate of mortality
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Measurements of bkxrd alcohol levels in this book are
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The mules on farms increased generally. The dairy cows on
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nearly to the surface. With these blood vessels wide
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times concomitantly with pericarditis. When uncomplicated it
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be comparatively easy to get the necessary amendment passed.
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and on the seventh day had entirely ceased. The symptoms dis
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eased surface the therapeutic effects of the power
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may appear somewhat peculiar to say the least but to those of us
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I inspection in providing a pure and wholesome milk
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tion 7 debility from many causes 8 exposure to cold 9 ovarian and
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breaks of anthrax in cattle and other herbivorous animals gr
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odier healtli care programs. Recently the Chairman of the Committee on Hos
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demand for saddle horses. The bicycle has been relegated to oblivion and
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the promptest agent of to day while its extraordinary cicatrizing
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tobacco dry the skin and apply the following ointment Sulph.
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He was a hard worker and aggressive in all his undertakings