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Pearson State Veterinarian of Pennsylvania and Dean of the Vet

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Veterinary Medical Society to be held in Brooklyn September 9th and

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Death occurs from two to five months after infection.

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for first reading. This amendment provides that candidates for member

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About a year ago I was called to examine some horses on a

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Upon my arrival I found the horse apparently suffering from a

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matic arthritis in the subjacent joint or more serious articular disease

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will often cause a change of a degree in the temperature. It

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and Assistant Research Entomologist Division of Derma

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against the mass it may be more easily disintegrated and softened.

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York Charles Cowie Ogdensburgh A. J. Dodin Morrisania Thomu

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cases of organic pain such as metastatic disease of

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We note with much pleasure the harmonious manner with which the

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which cities and towns have appointed milk inspectors. These offi