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My thanks are extended to Miss Louisa Burns, B. S.,

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2. Names common objects, e.g. a boot, a spoon, a plate.

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are usually observed. The stools become dark and often tarry in appear-

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My first care, after having made the diagnosis, was to seek for the cause of this

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One of the worst chancres I ever treated was on the lower lip of a lady

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careful not to omit the name of any famous Briton, omits Mayow ;

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the Anus or Pruritis. 6. Piles or Hemorrhoids. 7. Pro-

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producing symptoms similar to those due to the accumula-

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FoMES. — Fuel. Substances impregnated with contagion.

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nent nuclei, or afford any evidence of being developed from nuclei or cells.

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In malignant cases, in which the system is overspread by the disease,

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0.01 grain per square yard in dress-goods, stockings, etc., and 0.1 grain

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green, unless the cobalt should be quite pure, in which case it

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fusion with a medical expression, "coma," is very likely correct when

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edge and our opportunities. Let us remember him when we

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ern continent, — which was wounding to our pride as a nation.

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vaccination would be matured before the tenth day, so generally fatal in this type."

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In East Pennsylvania the proportions of blind to the