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approached the definition of the cells of the mucosa becomes obscured and
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“Spinal fusions for scoliosis and disorders in the lower
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Hickman, R. W., article on ** Epizootic cerebro-splnal meningitis of
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ing of the function of the Cancer Commission as estab-
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Regulation's. — When the flttings on the spar deck are permanent and hatches over-
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surface as well as between the convolutions is infiltrated with blood and a
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from these foci show them to contain large numbers of pus cells and
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ficial media, there has been no reversion to its early profusion of
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a duly authorized inspector of the State of California ; and no cattle from said counties
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cation, at shippers* risk, to countries which do not demand such inspection and certifica-
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appears to residt an increased power of retaining transfused blood.
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th^kened aiuf similar appearing capsule, with a periphery of very cellular
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.U'lXTil l)y tlu' rtiiinikiililf iiKTi-asf in tlu' iiriiiuiy How f«»llouiiik' iiijf<'ti<)ii
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a laparotomy was performed and 5 c. c. of a milk culture of B. hronchi-
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to the back, and the life history revealed a stable
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mented scars, averaging 0.5 cul in diameter. The penis is extensively
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be used unless the product Is from the Berkshire breed of hogs.
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secure policies has been increased in recent years,”
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(juirc tlio piiwor (if Myintr Mrai-rlit, or and ttiis is particularly important -
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Stomach. Surg., Gynec. & Obst. 60:106 (Jcmuary) 1935.
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well-nouiisheil individual, very few if any ketones will he excreted in
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The pericardium shows one or two nodules of these characteristic cells
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told me in a very irascible manner that he did not need my informa-
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UROLOGY — Intensive Course, two weeks, starting Sep-
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length of time it can exist without a host. As a result of these in-
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of this and other countries with a wholesome meat supply, it becomes
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having been quite generally applied to epizootics of influenza, pink-
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foi- many other ri'asoiis. there is, howcM-r. coiisiderahle doiilit as to the
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the first hour, in averaging the five experiments, the sugar utilization
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Gynecological Conditions. Demonstrated by an Analysis of 240 Cases.
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10:50 a. m. Surgical Aspects, Frank W. Hall, M.D., Cape Girardeau.
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A Private Hospital for Care of Nervous and Mental Disorders, Alcohol and Narcotic
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of the changes found in a number of animals subsequent to the injection
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Dexedrine Sulfate Tablets. Few therapeutic agents have risen so dramatically and
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Moreover^ the quantity of fat microscopically demonstrable in each
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Spread of Bacterial and Parasitic Diseases of Man and Animals. By
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region of the lunula which have appeared to he important in con-
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XXI. A Description of the Dispensary for Treatment of Genito-Urlnary Surgical
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will 1)0 approximately eipial. Hy now throwins the liml. cNliihitinir them
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interest to breeders of animals. An attempt is being made to solve
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made. On the other hand the author failed to discuss