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not actually founded in error. It is true that the constant occurrence

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situation', to a variable extent influencing audibility.

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tion. The animals were then subjected to an exposure to dry heat

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stated) in 10 of 16 cases of cerebrospinal meningitis.

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servations and statistics ought to have some effect in

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Against toxaemia, which is the important cause of the high mortality,

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was diagnosed during life-time, and also found at the post-

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duction— CjHgNO, yielding CjHjNH, — it is evident

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or brownish crusts. Eemoval of the hair by epilation is usually very pain-

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hardly so simple as has been represented. Mr Parkinson, who in 1817 first

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The tongue sometimes continues whitish, soft, swollen, and moist on

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mentioned here. The most important points to us are how should

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column in the funnel is now at the same height as the

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In addition, pressure should be taken off the threatened points by

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November Wth.—The. patient rallied well after the

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Paist, Mr. C. Porter, Dr. F. W. Bower, Dr. M. A. Hanly, Dr. E.

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which give rise to free bleeding ; a fact which has an important bearing

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prosecution of these investigations which have been conducted by the author in addition to

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to be a spread of the disease, m^ny cases being reported

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early rusty discharge and the later muco-purulent one are absent

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that the serum therapy of yellow fever is still in the stage of investiga-

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splendid French model of the horse, and a skeleton of the animal, to-

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Emphysema of the Lungs. Interlobular or Interstitial Emphysema. Subpleural

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Thirty-four years ago he succeeded the late Dr. Junor of Peebles,

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of pigment within the leukocytes (the large mononuclears and polynuclear neutro-

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3. Morons, those whose mental development is above that

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covered with fine pink spots, which become brown, and have given

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times equivocal, and inoculation alone can attest the true nature of the

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sini, himself, uses silk for the buried sutures. I have been unable to get

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months of wasting and measles respectively ; the fourth child

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filaments to both sets of muscles — the openers and

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of iffhrn feveri being animal poi^ns, operate in a manner

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