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thirteen were tertian intermittent, and one a case of double tertian inter-

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suitable references are given at the end of chapters.

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College of Surgeons in Ireland, Physician to the City ofDublin

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xxiv, Ter.-Beil., 95— Ciaccio (G-. V.) Del iiiotlo come

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Annual Conference of the American Occupational Therapy Association in

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ject to indigestion, acidity of the stomach, constipation, and

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come injurious though the original milk was not. A few hours of keep-

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On account of a different make-up, remedies work quite dif-

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■wrong in giving it an universal and unlimited ap-

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The reading distance should be 14 inches from the eye, and any

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chez un mulet, observe ^ Toulouse. Compt. rend. Acad,

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and consequently that of the blood, will be impaired. In this deterio-

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they belong to a time which ends a century or two before the

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verity ; in a large proportion of cases very mild ; in

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plains itself, but is at the same time di£Bcult to define. It implies partly

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all concerned. The profession is to be congratulated

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Full Fellow of the American Academy of Facial Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery

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any case, and in the large majority not even nausea has attended the ether-

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and as second, //. The first begins nearly Avith the impulse and continues

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prolonged inwards along the hairs or glands. Under the former oircom-

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licking iiiui sucking the most foul and corrupted ulcers, to

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Netherlands. Toward the end of the century, however,

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of a large population of the deserving poor, its clientele was

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On removing the compressor no pulsation whatever could be felt for one

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concerned. The infection is usually secondary, from tuberculosis of the

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fol 1 owing prescription is advisable : P? Hyos. ex. grs. xxx ;

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cent, or more of lactic acid a lemon or canary-yellow color is

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and responsibilities of neurological experts with regard to

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and on the seventh day, when she came to my office, the

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