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spring in groups from the linin g membrane ; in some instances, and on the

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examine the mental and physical condition of such inmates as

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thesis. (Archives G^6rales, Sep. With Ophthalmoscopic Designs.)

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0.01 grain per square yard in dress-goods, stockings, etc., and 0.1 grain

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Sepulchre in Jerusalem. While he was in that city he

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equipment unloaded, operating personnel will continue to set up their

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scattered patches of normal looking or dead white skin. On the abdomen

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ous consistence, which circulates in the cavities of the heart, arteries

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markably tender. In place of a perceptible tumor, only

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all the others receive dififerent designations. Sc 's to discover it in time. Unlike the

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Erysipelas sometimes occurs in typhus as in typhoid fever. Bed-sores are.

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tion of new bile ducts between the hepatic cells, which

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due to the fact that mosquitoes, especially in temperate climates, are much

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128 to 98 was noted in this patient on another occasion.

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at any former time. The patient herself was greatly impressed with the

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intestinal route, the normal portal of entry. Continuing his work

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deutsch. Gesellsch. f. Anthrop. (etc.), Miinchen, 1894, xxv,

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carefully looked into, I believe that cranial compression

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which allows us to examine the body in relief, we can make out such

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C. B., aged 50, a native of Germany, and laborer in a hair

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as an attack of epilepsy. Examinations of the urine will suffice for this

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delle nostre truppe in Africa. Gior. di vet. mil., Ddine,

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Fig. 4 (Plate 7). — Taken on same day as Figure 3. In Figure 3 the sino-

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bed, but it should be well rubbed iu all over the body,

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.John Call Dalton and Edward Barry Dalton I<\iiid for

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Motor disorders. — One of the most characteristic features of the

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and microscopic study, this culture was streaked on 10 per cent rabbit

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of the color; but if it is present simply as an impure

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What appeared to be a very efficacious plan for insuring

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doubt as to the efficacy of licensing as a means of con-

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but on account of lack of attention paid to so frequent an

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consider and report whether the General Medical Council has

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