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assistant demonstrator of anatomy and to the text books used that

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voted to a discussion of a public relations program

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Bradford County. This was regularly adopted by the Association.

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two medicaments being used on alternate days. At the end ol

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cidture. It is difficidt to distinguish one of these

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ceeded after years of experiments in securing tuberculosis serum

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been appointed Steward of Schuylkill County met with a painful

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fears that the monies for such centers may fall into

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use with great caution in patients with severe hypertension or

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on each other s back. The brain is capable of trans

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that the Passaic County Veterinary Medical Association should be to the

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infected lands are frequently soiled with the spores of anthrax and

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obligation to exert his best abilities to maintain its dignity and

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Illinois injected mallein into horses known to be affected

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sources. The basic types of injury are the contu sion

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ANEURISM. A considerable dilatation of an artery or any hollow

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dangerous to life. Parkes Gunshot Wounds of the Small Intes

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stead of prolonging it seemed to shorten the life of tuberculous

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Anel tied the artery immediately above the aneurism.

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still in the hands of laymen or ignorant pretenders that their State

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lation. The health officer of Chicago reports a more alarming in

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intestinal tract eitcountered by a general surgeon as done

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As our last meeting was being brought to a close the assassin s

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inspected for glanders was 1673 number quarantined 1593

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Since there are many viruses that are more sensitive

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exact characters of pressure signs. 3. The other symptoms observed par

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If this he so then severe reading disability may he

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Tretitment. This may be curative and probably preventive

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over on one side in a rather natural position with the head swung

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mata the trichinae the aspergilli and the acarini of internal

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The subject is divided into three major rubrics assessment

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apy unpleasant sympta.ms with diethylprapion hydrochlande have been reported

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the offending hair and then piercing the seat of the hair the hair

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laena and during inspiration the ribs are drawn inwards and sternum for

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cytes was greatly increased as might be expected in

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The Person His Development Throughout the Life Cycle.

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this important part of the subject for any statement I could make

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oi a tunnight a scab forms which remains adherent till about

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ally as the result of the formation of a new school

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beings even though human tuberculosis could not be communicated

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From my observations epicarin seems to act as a powerful astriu

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fore it is valid for the cells in the cerebral fraction.

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allowed to forcible flexion. But the constant passage of the arterial blood

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capsule of joint opening it freely. Divide ligamentum teres and external

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pecially grave in those suffering from exhausting diseases or in a cachectic

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In the case with the two forelegs with the head back the position

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Resolved That we the members of the Pennsylvania State Veterinary

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time of the American Veterinary Medical Association and especially in

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occurred post mortem as the carcass was conveyed two miles.

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legislative action and that the individual be given

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Board if satisfied with the same shall issue to such applicant an

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clinic also provides valuable opportunities for train

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or apply the mitigated nitrate of stiver stick in each Case wash the

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ial pressure and cardiac output at rest and after a

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