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year later the operator wrote me, however, that the case

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of the serum alone in the treatment of diphtheria. It would hardly be possible

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human type in general appearances, but shows pleomorphism more

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result of a particular kind of repletion, belonging to the ab-

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fit or rigor. The second stage is the fastigium ; in it the temperature reaches

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by inseparable degrees the patient slides into the full-

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be appreciated and hydrotherapy employed more generally and more

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in Sensitization," which was discussed by Drs. Lord and Brown,

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Chat they scarcely exceed the ordinary rate of mortality. Can

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In infections with Strongyloides stercoralis there may be vague manifestations

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A new medicine has recently been introduced for the treatment of

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itself is used. It has been used successfully, it is said, wherever creosote or guaiacol

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as that of vaccinia, especially if blood as well as lymph be inoculated. This

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the treatment of other diseases affecting similar parts. By Heber

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gins.' * Did you use the plaster?' * No, sir, I don't see how a

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when the vision of R. E. was ^^, and that of the L E

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of proved success. But under conditions of late diagnosis and treat-

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habit reported by Erlenmeyer, and to a case reported of

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A still brighter possibility attaches to the use of sub-

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inestimable benefits upon the practical physiologist, and, as

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The post-mortem was performed eight hours after death.

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possess a medical school, on Monday, October 2 ; and in ac-

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fusiform bacilli and spirilla were present in the nasal discharge

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and pathologic nonsense of Christian science, faith cure,

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bursas vary somewhat in form, and even, perhaps, a little in their structure.

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are fulfilled, that the growth of the germ in the lungs and

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iqxm the paralyzed side. When a palsied part becomes inflamed, an

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gery formed the subject of an address each year, but that

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The untrustworthiness, in respect of the percentage of

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he attended a fire, from which he returned very wet,

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unless handled properly ; and, in my opinion, the nose and

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useful, when we have been able to use them. The excitability