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Mr. R. Hughes, surgeon to the Stafford Infirmary, also has

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vulsive movements had occurred, opisthotonos being rather well

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syphilis. The symptoms of hereditary syphilis are very similar to

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6. Have a sense of humor. “It’s one thing to take re-

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limited, or nearly so, to the thalamus are not numerous.

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pupils as a capital example of empyema. At length the patient

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for the development of the flagellates, because in the denser agar-medium it

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active purgation and the use of diuretics. Jalap and cream of

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tives in the Legislature; but in no case less than two.

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under the direct control of the Government. In the second

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Barlow is doubtful as to the value of massage. The subcutaneous

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It is now generally admitted tliat drainage greatly improves tlie liealth

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command of the Glasgow Brigade Bearer Company. He retired

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distended bladder, and the bladder wall is fixed by means of two

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In summary then, we may present the practice of international

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cases the examination was repeated and only in four

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ucts into the United States since and including the year 1824:

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causes. When the disease is not far advanced, and when the patient's

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long, directly over the sacrum. On making an examination, a mass

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ties, removing a large area of bone and incising the dura. Ven-

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7, The bacillus tussis convulsivae presents a great impor-

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stage it is alleged that some local anaesthesia can be made out. It is

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metabolic order. The endogenous parasitic intoxications exhibit rela-

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tarrhal otitis media, but three weeks later she suddenly devel-

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night with vomiting and after a few days with pain in the

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level of impaired resonance, or slightly above the level of flatness on the

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liver, for which we can give no fiill explanation, are those which occur

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plement of therapeutics which multiplies the successful results.

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in the male, or more rarely the mammse or ovaries in the female.

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The physicians of the county took a firm stand some time ago regarding