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gestion and inflammation ; and that in the sudden removal of
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those who have seen cases in the field as to the actual poisonous
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agreed to by the sufferer. A full dose of castor oil was administered, which
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between two extremes, that of cyanosis, and that of anaemia. In the former
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brane, and so reach a little higher. Still, the evidence thus
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tors. Telegraph orders given prompt attention. Write for Booklet.
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possible but practical to have complete protection. Unfor-
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might have been rectal ; it had entirely ceased on my arrival.
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goes on to saji" that its "essential nature is fully expressed in the word
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(6) Anisonormocytosis, the same with qualitative changes.
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resulting from specific poisons. In fact, the tuberculous
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whatever is taken. I have related this case, to show
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fingers on the keys — or on a table in the attitude of
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an easy prey for the tubercle bacilli, the pneumococci, and all other
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tomsj and collapse appears to be their consequence, the early use of this
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would have been experienced in removing it as in removing the one
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redness, developed about the point where the husband's serum
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per annum, which is considerably below the average mortality
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given in small doses (I dr.) about one hour after meals. It is
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I think there we have an explanation in the fact that malaria produces a
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A visit to green-hilled Worcester, with its long, wide, shady,
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actly how he did it. ' ' Alas, alas ! it was done, and by a
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ble for auto-inoculation to have occurred — not so as it
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act of giving liim medicine or drink — the changing of his sheets and
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sel is apt to throw out a jet of blood is in cutting away the attachment
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poisoning did not occur till several minutes later.
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of the iris and pupillary diameters during rebreathing.
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explanation, however, that the depression is caused by the
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secured, carrying with it the possibility of better results in the way of pro-
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student or give him credit for attendance upon lectures under any other
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medical director takes charge of the special exercises, which are pre-
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0, tad fibrous conhectiTe tissue, a, ", producing erosion of the surface; b, fatt]
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