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I have always explained the seriousness of the operation, and just what

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and over tlie regions where the eruption afterward breaks out mcM

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m the over-corrected position, in which it was retauied

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they are identical. The subject is in far too unsettled a state at

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vestigation of its interior with my finger failed to disprove this supposi-

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cessant raving, agitation, struggling, and sleeplessness — you will be able

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primary development into activity, but has the property

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cussions which it has provoked. According to Unna, lichen ruber

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by Magnus-Levy, in the Ergebnisse der inneren Medizin und Kinder-

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morbid anatomy. Morbid growths have been heretofore coii<idere<i by

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derivatives into the right proportions of uric acid and

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that we were dealing with a malignant connective tissue

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red nucleus, and motor cortex were unaffected. There was no

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echelon of command. The theater commander may delegate the

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Huntington's Chorea.^ — Huntington's chorea is frequently inherited.

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that are frequently observed in relapsing fever for several days in suc-

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which have come under my observation, the patients not being under treat-

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pose of preventing the loss of rotation. These splints, with com-

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application of Rontgen rays to the lesion is useful. In mild cases

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mention the following cultural characteristics of influenza bacilli: 1.

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In his two hundred cases there was not a single instance of perforce

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epilepsy. Bonhoeffer reported a boy having seizures bearing some

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per cent. ; in Austria, outside of Vienna, 950 cases, with a mortality

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Now it seems to me unwise bigotry to ignore such testimony because

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convicted of any crime in the practice of his professional

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progress, the patient becomes weak and prostrate, his pulse quick and

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owing to the regurgitation of the blood backward into its chambers.

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