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study, and which the physician has to treat. Having then

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disease seems to be the chief cause of derangement in the se-

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A large incision is employed. If the abdominal cav-

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the blood is driven be augmented. Nay, the same blowing sound

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is not permanent. I have, however, known this affection of the gland

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of our Civil War was lost to the Union Army because of the

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forms, it is as much as six or seven per cent., or mare. In weU-pio>

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attention seriously to the more important measures of

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are usually immediate or occur within a few days of operation. Even

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Case, with movable 3Ietal Frames, forming trays lor Solutions, size 6 x 3i x 1

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nature in a similar case again, but do an early laparot-

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generally does not recur on the cicatrix in the vaginal fornix. It spreads up-

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bility of intestinal contents, it not only increases nutrition and

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Here are some of the approaches that have been tried

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of Pittsburgh, Pa., viz.: Drs. X. O. Werder, C. S. Shaw,

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the foetus ; all which rest upon very fair authority, and, if true, are

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thousand immigrants can be housed. The disinfecting

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lateral spasm the muscles first and most convulsed are those

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closure was the re.eult. These sutures are easily ti(d

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Piti6 being bled less frequently, but more copiously, and antimony was used more freely

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After opening the abdomen in the usual way, by a free incision,

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Sweating usually accompanies the severe itching, and occurs not only

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were nearly 5,000 of respiratory affections, exclusive

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OphThalmowk;y— Dr. A. L. Macleish, Chn., Los Angeles. " Granular Con-

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posing numbers, and make it equal, if not superior, to similar organi-

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"Observations on the Style of Varro," Classical Quarterly nsv. 10 (I960): 1-28.

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If all the people of every county were thoroughly examined from head

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this is always to be one inch lower than the edge of

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children is a common observation w'ith those who see city children

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