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and spleen, if the pysemia caused by acute ulcerative endocarditis be excluded.
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may be true ; but, if there are a few men, whose natural discrimi-
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habit of using hypodermic injections of morphia ; which, in some
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few instances, milk, eggs, light bread and tea were
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oesurring' during the progress of cholera. (I>) Since " the life
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have arrived at such a conclusion at all is what we
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The nervous complications, which appear a priori to be of spinal origin,
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pain of these lesions. She wants to go back to Scotland to-day, but I shall
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own personal experience ; and, finally, the apparent exceptions to the
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should be addressed to the Surgeon General, United States Navy, Washington,
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Witthaos, M. D., Physiological Chemistry; Joseph E.
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which meningococci are grown and on the organisms themselves. If
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dealt with by antiscorbutic diet and the administration of calcium chloride.
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noticed cases where infection took place by the act of kissing.
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an error in Hope's tables, which located the larvae in the " stomach " instead
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treatment. The perforation closed once but opened after about
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decompression as being the safer method of treatment rather than the
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the capillaries. This deserves to be especially emphasized since some
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crease in the bulk of the liver is attended both by the ascent of the upper
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dropsical everywhere, except below the knees, where the adherent and thickened
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keep constantly in mind, and because it is especially advantageous in this class of
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declares, to which no definite meaning can be attached. We confess
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case appears to have been cured, or even benefited for any length of
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La toxicity du sang dans I'^pilepsie. Arch, de neurol.,
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casionally multiple extrapulmonary sites of disease were
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year of office every good wish that he might have a pros-
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are readily transformed into fatty compounds. In morbid conditions we
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surgeon be a good judge of a hock ; for what may be a spavin in
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determined by the available material on hand. Monographs will be sent post paid on application,
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examinations. The iaw providing for the displaying of the American
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general formulas, etc., all of which are authoritative. The stand-