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6. Some Dangers of the Hotwater Bottle as Applied to the New-born.
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publication, they are quite at his service whenever he may call for them*
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was a sense of loss of control of the right lower extremity, which felt as if it
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assured that most of our readers were as familial as they
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brothers typically so ; of her thirteen children, six, besides Dr Thomsen
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Mortality in Cities in the United States. — The following table rep-
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in very small doses sometimes is of benefit, but it should be given with
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the necessary abundance, derived from the pure blood of the mother. Since
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bv operation. In the following cases I have included
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variation continuing until the 133d day of the disease.
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H. D. had a very prolonged laboyr with a twin pregnancy.
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laboratories of the frame, to fit it for its high and most important
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the first, were successively attacked, and died on the
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and brought this primitive but quick-witted people into
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practical and therapeutical subjects, and had a bias ior
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Professor Ogston in 1881 detected microorganisms in acute
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'' tell," a reduction of it, or even a total cessation of it, should be im-
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united by buried catgut sutures. The sponges are now removed, and
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them gives satisfactory data to sustain the affirmation. Hosier re-
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In one experiment "the meal ration was as follows: Thirty-one
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living organisms. We therefore conclude that the fourth hypothesis
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out. and that is in deciding up to what rank in the
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many of those perplexing types so often encountered."
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9. The view entertained by Thome, Wood, and Forraad, that a com-
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be denied that there may exist in medicine, as in all other practical
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caught up by the secular press — Koch may fairly be said to be
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visited. Lady C. de Crespigny said she saw soldiers Iving
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chiefly, though not exclusively, from the vegetable kingdom. Cook
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in this case were from a patient two months advanced in
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ness that are supposed, by a process of exclusion, to be dependent on a
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trick of experimenting, having had enough of it for
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food. The act of vomiting brings up the blood from the stomach, of