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39. Russel. Die Mikro-organismen descarcinoms. Wieu. Med.
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Aconite, chrysarobin, oil of cade, carbolic acid, etc., applied externally.
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ment Three days elapsed, when I observed a decided improvement
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end consolidation of the lower lobe of the right lung
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102. His kidneys and bowels both acted fairly well. There
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to adults. For its production a certain depth of voice is re-
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Case I. — A virgin, age 21, pale, anemic, nervous, and of poor muscular
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that part of the brain supplied by such an artery will die and
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(especially for the aging) or an every two week blood
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this direction may justly be regarded as a benefactor to
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pnoea with livid and anxious countenance, the lips are bluish, and the
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ties, removing a large area of bone and incising the dura. Ven-
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view. With the exception of some of the newer first-class boats
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opinion on this subject ; only, we may say, that it is our impression
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relative fulness, however, may be observed on one side below, and per-
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British Isles. By Gerald E. Leighton, M.D, Edinburgh and
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held. Some regarded it as an attenuated tuberculosis,
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this patient were trying to my patient and myself, and wearying to
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Cysticercus fasciolaris Rudolphi); T. nana Siebold, 1852 (not VanBeneden, 1858) ;
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coalescence of the cells. In so far as destruction of cells takes place,
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One of the most active operations of the will is to direct motion ; and to
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psorenteria, regarded as characteristic of cholera by Serres, is common to
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Abduminul Surgery. Abdomiual hysterectomy for fibroids, with
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September 11-15— Family Practice Review. Seattle. Mon-Fri. Con-
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meeting of this Association was opened in Philadelphia on
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pital, that I am induced to offer a few practical remarks
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Lee Highway & Old Dominion Dr. (Arlington) 522-0011
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miles over the rocky roads to perform an operation in some obscure
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nerve-force ; too swift in mutual influence ; or too deli-
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rubbing with opium or belladonna liniment, gentle mas-
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even long after the patient has abandoned his occupation, and
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The Committee visited and were shown over the new model and
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violence. The os uteri was firmly closed. The patient